The Path

Part I

The ability and the freedom to fully express ourselves is the ultimate fulfillment of life on earth. When we are able to outwardly express our unique gifts to the fullest capacity, we receive a feeling of wholeness and deep states of bliss. Once all of our physical, social and emotional needs are met - a safe home, food, clothing, security, loving friends and family, stable income, access to resources - we are able to turn inwardly and ask ourselves thought-provoking questions that align with achieving self-actualization. However, this is where, I am convinced, most of humanity is stuck. We have our basic human needs met and we stop searching. We call it good enough, only to find that we are stuck in a life with no fulfillment, seemingly void of purpose, love, and any emotion akin toward a heightened state of existence.

We are dead inside, and it is not long before we turn to worldly pleasures to numb the pain of emptiness. If we continue on this spiral we are soon addicted to that pleasure of choice and find ourselves deeply entrenched in the throes of a false identity. We stop searching for the very end of the path which holds the answers we are so desperately searching for. The end of the path provides the means by which we can live to the fullest possible capacity that our body and soul can permit in this lifetime. Our higher selves demand us to travel down that path to the very end. If we are brave enough to answer the call, we start on the path, of course, completely unprepared for what lies before us. We are weak, illiterate, blind and deaf, about to take the most daring and frightening steps of our lives. The path is the purpose. The path is the very means by which we become. We become the embodiment of our highest self which is available to us by completing the journey of the path. We must walk it to achieve anything worth presenting to the Lord when we meet Him face to face.

What lies at the end of the path is, perhaps, our reward for a mind fastened to faith and a spirit unafflicted by anxious thoughts. We reach our highest state of existence of self-actualization, finally allowing us to go forth in this changed state to live our true calling. We all have a calling, and it does quite literally call out for us. Do you ever have those nagging thoughts of “is this really it?” That small word, it, hints toward the disappointment of a life that somehow fell just millimeters short of our expectations. We look at all we are blessed to have, the fulfillment of our basic needs as mentioned before, and we falsely label ourselves as ungrateful or greedy human beings that should stop dreaming of an unrealistic life and silence our voice of wonder to our detriment.