Your Inner Voice

I believe we all came to this Earth to spiritually evolve. The journey toward spiritual evolution is different for everyone. Some people are born with an innate knowledge of why they came into the world, and others spend their lifetime looking in all the wrong places. From my own experience, the call to spiritually evolve originates from God and is planted into our consciousness as a tiny whisper. It is a small voice, our inner knowing, our higher selves, divine wisdom. This little whisper from God, some would say, is our intuition. What the whisper is telling us to do is so often the very thing we are avoiding or ignoring. We have the dialogue in our minds, “I really have a desire to do this, be that, achieve this, but . . .” (insert list of excuses) or “I have always wanted to . . . but . . .” The moment we stop listening to the fear of the unknown and take action on that small whisper, we enter into the territory of living our purpose and achieving our dreams. This is the path. Taking the path, saying “yes” to the journey, answering God’s call is the most wonderful and self-loving thing we can do. We are saying yes to evolution, leveling up, sharpening our minds, helping the world. 

Ignoring that voice or making excuses not to take the path is when we fall into the trenches of detachment to who we really are. We are ignoring who we came here to be, and that can be detrimental to our experience on earth. Are we living for the constraints of society? Are we living to please our partners, parents, friends, coworkers? Deciding to start on the path is a decision that represents absolute freedom. We have to ignore our egoic mind that tells us to never attempt anything scary, and we have to ignore the hypocritical voices of those in our lives who tell us “it can’t be done” when they themselves are wandering in the dark. When we overcome these smaller obstacles and give permission for our own voice to be the loudest one we hear, we finally can taste freedom and begin to reach that heightened state of existence. We begin on the path, and soon after we are faced with circumstances that sharpen our mind, body and spirit. We learn to become the embodiment of our highest self. We become someone new. We are reborn. 

I am no expert, but maybe the successful journey down one path leads to another path, another level of evolution, so on and so forth. I have been called by God to take the path which led to my initial biggest spiritual growth spurt, and it was a conscious choice to do so. Other paths are sometimes not our decision to take, or it seems as though we are being dragged down a dark alley with no one around to save us. We have no choice, soon falling into a mentality of victimhood (this topic can be saved for a whole separate blog post). I have experienced this firsthand as well. Sometimes, the path we are put on without a choice is the one we need the most - we are being forced to grow and evolve. 

So, I challenge you to ask yourself: “What is my inner voice telling me?” Go into a room, sit or lie down, get really quiet, close your eyes and listen. Can you hear a whisper? Can you feel a tugging on your heart? 

Ask yourself, “What do I need from myself?”

And my ultimate question to you is, are you going to listen to that voice?